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Long Sleeve

Gent’s Custom Printed Long Sleeve T Shirts


Long sleeves, but still wanna look classy? Let’s replace the boring basics with custom printed long sleeve t shirts. We offer a variety of men’s long sleeve printed t shirts options. 
For a wild touch, rock an animal print long sleeve t shirt will have you walking with confidence. Or, to get more specific, go for the long sleeve leopard print t shirt to roar like a hero.
More of a spirit animal whisperer? 

Bring your preferred design and wear your imagination with us. Design your own custom long sleeve t shirt printing masterpiece. Our long sleeve tees are pretty much easy to make. Pick your favourite base shirt, finalize the sizing & fabric, upload your design, and print yay… 
So, ready to stop blending in and start standing out? Shop our men’s custom printed long sleeve t shirts today! Book a quote!

How do I submit my design for a screen print long sleeve t shirts?

First, you will click on screen printing while selecting the printing method. Then, you can upload your design directly through our website’s design tool or send us the files via email or quotation if you need any particular assistance. 

Can men's long sleeve printed t shirts be fitted or loose-cut?

Yes, our custom printed long sleeve t shirts are available in various sizes, from small to XXL. 

What distinguishes African fashion men’s long sleeve printed t-shirts form plain one?

African fashion patterns stand out for their vibrant and bold motifs, frequently derived from traditional African designs like Adire and Indigo.

What is the benefit of screen printing on long sleeve tees?

Screen printed long sleeve t shirts offer a high quality and durable design, capable of withstanding 40 to 50 machine washes. The ink applied in screen printing is notably thick, allowing it to deeply infuse the fabric

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