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What Is Print On Demand & How it Works

Print-on-Demand (POD) is a business model in which custom-designed products are sold by you and printed & shipped by us! You can get started with zero investment in no time. Its the easiest way to sell your custom printed merchandise online.

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Why Choose US?

T Shirt Plus provides efficient and supportive services to all online custom printing Drop Shipping - POD businesses. We also have some unique features which you can avail by making a partnership with us.

Free Platform Provided

Our Print on Demand platform is completely free. We do not charge any subscription fees and, in essence with our values, there are no hidden charges. We deduct the cost of the garment and production from your sales price, the profit is all yours. Easy!

Quick and Easy

Simple and fast to set up. Our customisable and full featured website builder enables you to easily unleash your creative outlet and design your business as you would like!

Make Money!

We have fixed costs of garments and our costs will not vary with your prices. You have complete freedom to set your prices and decide your own margins.  For example, if you are selling a garment for $50 and our production costs are $20, the $30 profit is all yours to keep. If you increase the retail sales price to $60, we will still charge you the same fixed cost of $20 and the resultant increase in profit of $40 is yours to enjoy! As we said before, its your business, we are just here to help! 

No Minimums and storage Costs

No minimum or maximum quantity restrictions and no costs. We will print all of your orders and you do not need to pay for anything upfront. Generate income with minimal effort and no cost!

Brand Affiliations

Print on Demand as an affiliate to Garment printing has a wide range of Aussie Retail brands such as Colour, Biz Collection, Gildan, Anvil, Van Heusen and many more. These affiliations create a strong synergy amongst various partners to ensure quality services in a competitive market like Australia and outside.

Shipping And Delivery Services

Print on Demand knows that shipping and delivery services are the most crucial core of any online ecommerce business. We have the complete end to end solutions that support the client privacy policy, shipping information, refund and discount policy and bulk order discounts and deals.

Fast Turnaround

Fast processing and delivery in Australia. Orders for our POD clients are accurately and expertly stocked, printed, packed and shipped directly to customers Standard, Express and Overnight delivery services. 

Years of Expertise and

Proven Reliability

Utilise our reliable and market tested POD service to sell your merchandise. We have years of experience in drop-shopping and are well aware of and have taken precautions against any challenges you may face. Our success stories are paramount examples of our free and value generating POD service. We have got your back!

Huge Assortment to Choose From

Wide assortment of customisable garments you can sell. At Garment Printing, we believe in providing our POD clients with a number of options to meet all their business needs! 

Printing Styles

Our printing styles, machinery and technology cater to the smallest item to the large scale printing jobs on various fabrics and apparel. The printing quality is unmatchable, and colour sharpness and outlook are stunning compared to competitors working in the market

Direct to Garment

Direct to Garment (DTG) digital printing is the process of printing photographic or full colour designs onto white, black or coloured garments.

Screen Printing

Screen printing is the best option for orders over 50 that don’t need a complex or photo image.

Sublimation printing is a technique which is used by TShirtPlus Australia to transfer photographic quality artwork on polyester garments.

Vinyl Transfer is one of TShirtPlus Australia's most popular print method used for solid colour high-impact designs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I make money with Print on Demand?

Yes, you can. We want your business to flourish and has no control policy over your price tag. You just have to pay for the fixed cost of garment and rest of the profit is yours. You can set as much profit as you like!

How to change your domain name?

         1) Register your desired custom domain name with a domain host. 
         2) Link the custom domain with our server using our DNS settings. 
         3) On the website, click on domain settings
         4) Enter the name of the domain and click “add”

How to link our POD service with an existing website?

You can embed our store in your existing website, or you can use a subdomain for your shop.

How can you edit the menu on the site?

To edit your site, click on “edit website” and then click “Design”. In the design tab, you can edit and customise your pages’ colours, text, themes, images and even create or delete new pages.

How will you get paid?

We will tabulate your sales in a database where you can easily see your orders, sales and profits. We will pay your revenue, after deducting our garment and production costs, into your Paypal or bank account at the end of the month.

How will your site’s customer service be handled?

Our Garment Printing customer service team will be handling your customer’s order enquiries. We are taking the hassle away from you!

Can we provide free samples?

Unfortunately, we do not provide free samples however by temporarily setting your mark-up to 0, your customers will only be paying the cost price of the garment.

Can I use my own domain name?

Yes. sure you can. We are receiving your order and connecting to your store directly and it does not impact our services if you choose to use another domain.

Where can I sell custom printed garmnets?

The idea of POD is mainly focused on targeting online platforms and networks. But if you like to have your brick and mortar store you can place orders and have a physical and online store simultaneously.

Is Print on Demand a free service for an online business?

Yes, Print on Demand is an absolutely free service for any scale and size of a business. You are only paying for the retail price of the product, printing & Shipping. Beyond that any money you earn will be your net profit.

How to change your site’s layout?

To edit your site, click on “edit website” and then click “Design”. In the design tab, you can edit and customise your pages’ colours, text, themes, images and even create or delete new pages.

How to set or change the selling price?

A default mark-up can be set for all your store products at once by clicking on Price Settings and adjusting it according to your wishes.  Alternatively, prices can be set on a per product basis when creating the product listing by. 

     1.    clicking on decorated products, 
     2.    Clicking on the specific product,
     3.    Clicking manage
     4.    Click configure
     5.    Click costs
     6.    Changing the price.

How and when will your orders be shipped out?

We will ship your sales orders directly to your customers within 10 business days and in plain packaging.

Can we create custom promotions and coupons for your store?

Yes, we certainly can! We have a varying range of coupons that we can create for your store. Just email us or contact us directly on 1300 986 000 to discuss the coupon details.

Do you take a percentage of the sales?

No, we don't want to take any percentage from your sale because we carry out your print on demand service and do not serve as the printing brokers. Our focus is delivering your order as ours.

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