Men Styling Up Tips In 2021

7 ways for men of all ages, personality and profession to boost up their style sense this year from women perspective

From a general point of view, “Dressed up” men are always got more attention than “not that dress up” ones. 

Why is that?  

What would you say….? You must be thinking, 

  • oh! He can’t afford this or that brand, no wonder!
  • He is wearing a checker cardigan! [sigh] a complete boomer with no fashion sense
  • His cloths are fine, but the hoodie is uncool or outdated…
  • No one can wear a collar shirt buttoned up till neck… such a Dag!

BUT If I tell you that none of the above reasons is valid? 

Because it is all about intend, and that also is true for all genders. 

It is about intent 

The magic of dressing up comes from your awareness of what you choose to wear today. Like so many other things that we do in life, when we are opting for something intentionally, it gets through because of our awareness about it. 

Money can’t buy you the style

The money you spent, the time you consume or the ward robe you have, been relevant aspects of carrying your outfit and look desirable, but that’s not all. 

You can have denim jeans and a white shirt to look fabulous at any point of time.

So, let me take you guys to the basic awareness of selecting the right combo of clothing which will be relevant to the fashion 2021 and help you look attractive.

7 Choices of stylish men 2021 

Denim with white

Denim with white upper or lower will be a timeless choice for men age between 20-50 years who like to own up a semi-casual outlook. Obviously the ripped jeans factor is a personal priority or place you are in. Though, White sneakers are here to stay.

Business chic look

Well it is a simple science, a nicely fit blazer or jacket prepare you to go early to your office, ask your secretary to set up a lunch with the potential client. Plain collar shirts would look awesome and for shoes loafers or formals both goes with it.

Crown for the brown

This year the palette of beige, camel and browns are more celebrated than grays and blues comparatively speaking. But you don’t need to indulge in, as we spoke about it. Stay calm, and choose. Brown color work well with off whites, also emerald, turquoise family add color to your attire with classic style. If you are a bold person, then go cherry or rust.

Hoodie’s goodies

The best outfit company is the one who gives warmth and comfort, hoodie definitely is on the top of the list by casualness, wouldn’t go with the men working in corporate, but they can totally have their weekends well spent with them. Now for fashion tip, go crazy go mad, customized slogan hoodies and shirts will be new trend in 2021 as the Corona is subsiding very soon.

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Pullover Shirts

Pullovers and shirts are a staple in every men’s wardrobe, never think twice to wear it on a bright day. Checkers, stripped of any combination with chinos or cargo shorts, all suits well and grab the attention of whomever you seek for. 

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The Good Dude Look

Smart, semi-formal pants, with tees, are equally good option for workwear or friends hangout. Add a jacket to top it up, if you wanted to make a professional impression and take it off, if your casual streak is needed to show your charisma to the world. A leather bag would add the stretcher.

A True Blue

A Khaki or Bermuda shorts with a slick T-shirt is evergreen for a genuine lad. T-shirt colour palette should be subtle, go totally earthy or bright but avoid fluorescent for 2021. Indie printed, or patched work shirts would look stylish. A nice hat with loafers makes you a perfect person to watch.

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In the end

Well to all the men out there, you got the style within, so a little bit of smart and aware choice while dressing up everyday, would add the value for you at that moment. I give you the basic fashion dos and don’ts in a perspective. Follow the common sense and look good to yourself first. The rest will admire you when you admire yourself.

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