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How to Style a Hoodie in 5 Amazing Ways

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Learn how to style a hoodie and layer it with different garments to create cute outfits.

What Is a Hoodie?

A hoodie is a kind of jumper, jacket, or sweatshirt with a hood. It is usually worn for activewear or casual looks, for which people wear a pair of sweatpants with it. The Hoodies are both warm and comfortable, which are fitted with waistband and cuffs to trap in the warmth & provide a cozy feeling. Plus, the hood can be used to keep your head warm or protect it from rain. Many hoodies come with pockets or one large pocket at the front for carrying things or placing your hands in.

History of Hoodie

The word hood comes from the Anglo-Saxon word hōd [1] which is of the same roots as an English hat. Hoodies’ history can be traced back to the era of Medieval Europe when monks used to wear robes with a hood called a cowl, and outdoor workers wore hooded capes.

The hooded pullover originated, in the US, in the 1930s workers in cold New York warehouses. Champion produced the earliest clothing style in the 1930s and marketed to labourers upstate New York. The term hoodie became popular in the 1990s.

By the 1990s, the hoodie had become a symbol of isolation, an academic spirit statement, and several fashion collections. It was sported by young men, often surfers or skateboarders. Many big brands used hoodie as an integral part in their collections in the 1990s.

In Australia

The police in Wynnum, Brisbane, launched a “Hoodie Free Zone” initiative, in June 2011, with shopkeepers induced to ask hoodie-wearers to leave. It is part of an initiative to teach businesses how to prevent armed robberies, in which the hoodies are often worn.

How to Wear Hoodies in Style?

Custom printed clothing is the rage nowadays. People are getting every type of clothing print on demand. In the sea of printed garments, custom printed hoodies take the lead as they can be styled in multiple ways. We have curated some styles for you to wear cute outfits with hoodies. Read more to find out:

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Go for a Layered Look

Generally, people layer their outfits in cold weather but with the softness of fabrics available these days, you can create cute outfits with hoodies by layering even in summer. Layering your hoodie can make you look very stylish & attractive.

Layering a hoodie will never understate its importance, in fact, if you want to achieve a surprisingly unassuming look, then you can layer it up. Look smart, sharp, and feel cosy, all at the same time, with a layered look.

Here are the ways you can layer your hoodie:

With a Parka for a Modern Look

The mod culture of the 60s, and 70s, used Parkas heavily. It was a practical gear for people when riding on Vespas and created a fashionable yet practical look. Keep it simple by picking a hoodless parka and pay homage to an iconic time in British subculture while throwing in your modern twist into the mix. Wear dark coloured chinos to complete your look.

  • With a Denim Jacket for Street Chic

Although this style is decades old, its modern reincarnation has earned likes on social media and ended up on pages of fashion magazines. It is a testament to the influence of rock music in shaping fashion culture. Go for an acid-washed denim jacket and pair it with dark jeans and black boots.

  • Go Contemporary Urban With a Bomber Jacket

This layering is for the people who want to get a modern look but without the flash that attracts unwanted attention. To nail the look all you need is a dark coloured hoodie paired with a bomber jacket of your choice, dark jeans and minimalist sneakers.

  • With a Tailored Blazer

Stick with a tailored blazer to stay in familiar territory. Wear your custom hoodie with a tailored blazer for a channelised look. So, sharpen your look with a fitted blazer, however, don’t choose contrasting colours, because it’ll give you a jazzy look. Go for subtle combinations.

  • With a Coat

Coat and hoodie are the best combination for staying warm while looking stylish. A double-breasted coat can work wonders for a laid back weekend look. All it needs is a custom printed hoodie to help loosen it up. Try pairing a white hoodie with a black or brown coat for a casually cool look. Complete the look with other relaxed pieces, like loose-fit pants and sneakers.

  • Choose a Leather Jacket for a Biker Look

This is one of the best combos to stay warm while looking stylish and sleek. For a tough and edgy look, choose a black biker jacket and a black zip-up hoodie. Complete your outfit with black slim-cut jeans for a rocker aesthetic or blue to get a more urban feel. If your outfit is too dark, try a light grey custom printed t shirt underneath your jacket.

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  • Experiment With a Shearling Jacket

Pair a hoodie with a shearling jacket for a wintery look. To nail the outfit, you have to find the right balance because both jacket and hoodie are thick and heavy. So, go for softer shades. One of the best pairings to choose is a brown jacket and a light grey hoodie. Pair the shearling jacket and hoodie in an opposite texture, to soften the look, while achieving a complementary vibe, simultaneously.

Try an Athleisure Look

Comfort and coolness go hand-in-hand, and same is the case with athleisure. Thanks to clever designers, you do not need to look as if you were too lazy to change out of your gym wear. Gone are the days of the baggy, low-quality hoodies. Fabrics are now softer and heavier, which is an indication of better yarn quality. An athleisure look feels clean and sharper now, thanks to custom printed hoodies.

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Go Oversized

Oversized outfits are popular among women and men, and you can create the look with a hoodie, too. Plus, they provide better breathability with a looser fit. Oversized garments are in trend and more comfortable than clingy clothes. You can directly buy oversized hoodies or opt for something in a larger size. Nail the look with skinny jeans for a trendy but comfy look.

Wear on Top of Tailored Pants or Trouser

Wearing tailored pants or trousers with a hoodie will transform your look into a style statement. This combination is a slight mix of casual and smart lends a classy and neat look. Wear your hoodie with loose-fit trousers or pants tailored to your fit. Opt for subtle, plain colours and try pintucks and checks in your trousers.

Peacoats for the Win

This is another type of layering, but it deserves special attention because adding peacoat to a hoodie delivers another level of style and warmth. Peacoats are popular among men and women because they add unprecedented style to any wardrobe. In addition to that, peacoats are an amazing pick for casual as well as formal looks.

Bottom Line

Hoodies deliver stunning looks and exude the right aura for you if you know how to style a hoodie properly. Pair hoodies with your favourite bottoms and layers to achieve the perfect look and wear hoodies in style. It doesn’t matter if you wear your custom hoodie for a trek or a meeting, adopting the right way to style, it will enable you to win the hearts and compliments of the onlookers.


[1] Planché, James Robinson. A Cyclopaedia of Costume Or Dictionary of Dress, Including Notices of Contemporaneous Fashions on the Continent: The dictionary. Vol. 1. Chatto and Windus, 1876.

Images: Wikipedia and Shutterstock

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