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How to make Your Own Hoodie Design in 2023

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Why Every Cool Person Should Have A Hoodie In The Wardrobe

In this fast-paced life of competition and over bursting influences of media and information, we generally get lost in the regular do’s of our survival. We meet people, but we could not connect, we hang out with friends, but we don’t have much to talk about and trust me, everyone gets this feeling of a vacuum or a disconnect inside ourselves. 

If I tell you it is a good sign? Yes, this is the time to pull the Hoodie on your head, take a deep breath and listen to your heart instead of the outside random and confusing noise of what you should do or feel. 

Young Guy Grey Hoodie Paints
Young Guy Grey Hoodie Paints

So, just to cheer you up? I would like you to know how a hoodie in your wardrobe will actually make you feel better. And It’s no joke. The things or clothes we own or buy and want to have, are not just clothes; there are psychological associations, emotional connections and our attachment towards ideas about ourselves, others and the world we live in.  

So you need to know the story of hoodies’ evolution over time to understand how it is not only an item of clothing but the symbol of revolution, innovation and rebellion. 

Let’s look into the origin and evolution of this exciting clothing item with its grand narrative.

Who Started The Hoodie Trend

Round 1: History

The story begins in Medieval Europe back in the 12th century where the Monk wore loose tunic shirts with hoods were known as “Cowls”, and the other form of it was a cape with a hood called Chaperon, which the outdoor workers mostly wore.

Round 2: Hoodie Innovation

It was around the 1930’s time in America when an apparel manufacturing company started to experiment with the sweatshirt form and try some value additions, which turn out to be what we see as hoodies today. 

Spooky Hooded Figure
Spooky Hooded Figure

By Wikipedia & I quote here;

“The word hood derives from the Anglo-Saxon word hōd,[7] ultimately of the same root as an English hat.[8]

So, the Sweatshirt or t-shirts gets a hood attached to it and becomes the fashion statement that is still cherished and claims to mark a statement style piece of clothing to date. 

So the same American manufacturer company re-invented the Hoodie started supplying the apparel to the US military for training and physical education classes alongside making sports kits for several sports clubs and teams. The hoodie transition from exclusive users to practical public clothing happened when the sportsmen started giving it a gift to their girlfriends. The popularity hit the sky with the blockbuster sports drama film Rocky, which gave the hooded Sweatshirt iconic status. By the 1950s, all the university and high school students were seen in hoodies all over. 

Fashionable Couple Wearing Hoodies
Fashionable Couple Wearing Hoodies

Here is a brief overview for you about what I said at the beginning of the article: “Everything you own or have is much more than you think it is, and by knowing the full story, you can find the meaning hidden behind it”. By the way, the same rule applies to you and your own story.

Young Fit Modern Dancer
Young Fit Modern Dancer

Since you know almost everything about Hoodie, it is time to get one for yourself and design it the way you wanted to express your mind through it. A custom designed hoodie will be your fashion statement, showing what you believe in and inspiring others to understand the value of their thoughts. 

Next in line is to inform you about hoodie design options available before you type how to design your Hoodie? on the google search page. 

Types Of Hoodie Designs 

By our online market research, the hoodies are divided into four main categories, later picked up by different labels and rebranded with the names they think match their brand identity. But we think simpler is better so, we extract all the unnecessary information out and here are the four major types of Hoodie styles mentioned below.

Full-Zip Hoodie

As evident by the name, full-zip Hoodie is front open style, and it is a very relaxed type of Hoodie which is mainly used as a layer over the t-shirt or tank top. It is perfect for summers and winters and can be worn in casual to semi-formal gatherings or events. 

Men Hoodie Front & Back View
Men Hoodie Front & Back View

Pullover Hoodie/Throwback Hoodie

Pullover Hoodie can be used as a sweatshirt with a throwback hoodie. Depending on the fabric material you choose, this style of Hoodie is equally popular to wear in winters and summers. It is available in body tight, and loose fit both and look good on all body types.

Women Hoodie Front & Rear View
Women Hoodie Front & Rear View

Crop Hoodie

Crop hoodies are trendy in the artist, dancers and musician community and fans who love the individual expression and creative thoughts, which is different from the regular mainstream fashion. The crop cut hoodie comes in zip-open and pullover form, but the bold ones pick it up. 

Hip Hop Dancer Wearing Hoodie
Hip Hop Dancer Wearing Hoodie
Teenage Girl Hip Hop Dancing
Teenage Girl Hip Hop Dancing

Oversized Hoodie

Oversized Hoodies are the symbol of comfort, coziness and casually relaxed people. Girlfriends really like to wear it on summer weekends with shorts, and it works as a casual tunic for them. The rappers always wear an oversized hoodie to achieve the baggy look and their favourite casual matter of fact and yet artistic fashion statement. 

White Oversized Hoodie On Girl
White Oversized Hoodie On Girl

Custom Printing Hoodies Design

For further personalizing the Hoodie, you choose the next step to get the custom printing design done. You have to think of your Hoodie as a blank canvas, and you can get a print of your favourite star, a slogan, an idea graphic or maybe your name on it. Several online brands can help you print a custom design image, graphic or slogan on your Hoodie to make it your design at a comparative and affordable cost.

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Types of Custom Printing Design Options

Direct to garment printing

Direct to garment printing is also known as digital printing; it is the full colored images onto the garment or a hoodie. This printing process is best for hoodies made of natural fibres such as cotton, bamboo, hemp, and linen. 

Digital Transfers

Digital transfers allows you to print intricate designs using heat transfer. You can also print on caps and bags with digital printing. It is possible to print your customized design on transfer paper and then thermally transfer it to the Hoodie. To achieve the best digital transfer printing quality on cotton and that is the best fabric material for your Hoodie.

Street Fashion Smiley Print Hoodie
Street Fashion Smiley Print Hoodie

Vinyl transfers

This is heat transfer printing, where vinyl layers are pressed onto the Hoodie. It can also be made a part of the Hoodie via heat press. You can choose from a variety of metallic vinyl sheets to make your design stand out. Vinyl transfer printing is best done with combed cotton and polyester garments.

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Sublimation should not be used on white or high-quality polyester fabrics. Sublimation dyeing inks are used in this process. It provides a fast, vibrant color and a long-lasting print quality.

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Final Statement

The story of the Hoodie has a very interesting history and evolution and that makes it a very cool piece of clothing to have in your wardrobe in 2023. It is very individualistic apparel that stands out and we will tell you how to design your own hoodie this year which perfectly depicts your inner self and the story of your life at this point in time. There are many design options in terms of printing and fabric of the Hoodie of getting the custom printed to make it furthermore your own.

Images Source: Shutter Stock & Pinterest

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