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T Shirt For Change – Cancer Awareness Campaign 2021

T shirt for change caters to the awareness campaigns about the various types of cancer diseases is a priority in Australia. It is one major cause of illness. Cancer has a significant social and economic impact on the communities and families of the patient. It was estimated by 2020 that there were 150,000 new cases of cancer patients diagnosed and almost 50,000 cases of death occurred. 

With the collaboration of the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, the Australian Government constantly keeps working on the awareness programs and campaigns designed around cancer diagnosis, prevention, and cure. Another aspect of these cancer campaigns is to educate the general public about the difficulty and pain associated with the disease and the person affected by it. The campaign design also focuses on developing empathy and support for the families who experience the cruelty of cancer. 

T shirt for Change
Cancer Awareness Campaign

Cancer awareness campaign design is also evolving and multiplying in strategic focus on each type throughout the year. That is why they categorize the type of cancer month-wise. We are sharing the schedule of Cancer campaigns for 2021 published by the AIHW on their official website: 

For the detail reading you may visit;

February is marked as the Ovarian Cancer awareness as new development. Although the month was already designated to the world’s cancer day with “I Am & I Will” theme.

June is to develop awareness about Bowel cancer, though it is considered the most preventable type of cancer.

October focuses on the Breast cancer awareness campaign and shows solidarity to the patients and families. 

T shirt for Change Group
T Shirt For Change Group

November is selected to share the awareness about Lungs cancer, the possible causes and symptoms, and how you can prevent it by shifting to a healthy lifestyle.

It is a very noble endeavor to organize or participate in the activities planned around cancer awareness. In the following article, we will share a few ideas of campaign designs in which they use the idea of T-shirts For Change. 

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T-shirt For Change  

Let’s understand first how the t-shirt can bring a change or how it can by any means help to spread awareness for any campaign. T-shirts are the most popular apparel used in Australia and also worldwide. People always use slogans and graphic prints on their t-shirts to express their thoughts, ideas, and what they find important in their life. Because t-shirts are like walking posters that constantly communicate to others when they notice them, that is the main reason why the most important social welfare campaign or even the awareness about rights and equality slogans are found on the suitable labels. 

T-shirts For Cancer Campaign Ideas   

We are suggesting some aesthetically pleasing t shirt printing ideas that you can customize and wear or use in your next campaign to contribute to the cause. 

A Ribbon Design

A folded ribbon is a symbol of cancer campaigns worldwide. No one can miss the message associated with this sign.  The color pink symbolizes and focuses on breast cancer as the pink color also refers to the female gender.

Breast Cancer T Shirt For Change
Breast Cancer T Shirt For Change

Slogans On The T Shirts

Cancer campaigns used slogans of fighting against the disease with all of their power to show solidarity to the people affected by this cruel disease and support the families who bear with the long and painful journey. Community awareness and social empathy help people understand why their contribution is essential and provide them with the higher purpose of supporting the people in need. 

No One Fights Alone T shirt Campaign
No One Fights Alone T shirt Campaign

Graphics On The T Shirt For Change

The graphic on the t-shirt is a visual representation of an idea. It is used independently and at times in a combination of slogans and visuals together. The graphic underneath is a beautiful representation of folding ribbons holding hands, and showing the community support. The interpretation could be, “stay together and stay strong” as a bottom line. 

Strong Together T Shirt Design
Strong Together T Shirt Design

Conclusive Idea

The article discusses the importance of awareness campaigns generally and mainly focuses on cancer awareness in Australia. We also elaborate on the crucial need to show solidarity to the survivors and families by organizing campaigns and supporting the cause. Lastly, we talked about how custom design T-shirts can contribute to developing and endorsing the cancer campaign.

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