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15 Funny Slogans to Make Your T-Shirts Awesome

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The best of the best funny slogans for you to spruce things up

When in doubt, go for a quirky t-shirt. When looking for custom printed t-shirts, it is important to consider three important things; comfort, purpose, and words to put on a shirt. Be it funny slogans, witty T shirt sayings, pictures, or catchy T shirt phrases, people don’t mind making their t-shirts look cool by experimenting with whatever they can think of. 

Hilarious T shirt sayings on a shirt can make heads turn wherever you go. After all, who doesn’t want to break the ice and lighten the mood but in style?

Best Funny T shirt Slogans for your T-shirt

I’m a Baad Bunny

Well, we are starting our list with something funny and quirky yet not too much on the extreme. So, if you want a t-shirt that gives you a rocky and edgy look without attracting too much attention, then this slogan is for you. You can add your own twist to it by adding more words to it or substituting the word bunny with something else. 

So, slip this shirt on, pair it with loose fitted jeans and head out. People will feel intimidated yet in awe of your look. But, this t-shirt will earn you an appreciation for your edgy fashion sense. 

It Hurts More Than Corona

Nothing beats a good old corona joke to lighten up the mood in these testing times. This t-shirt hilariously highlights the pain felt after getting kicked out of a job by comparing it to corona which is really the devil of the time. 

Wear this shirt, and you never know you might make someone smile and realise that worse things are happening out there in the world. 

I’m Corona Proof

Another jab at the ruthless Miss Rona who has taken many lives. This funny slogan will let people know that you are corona proof, and therefore it is okay if you go in for a hug or a firm handshake. 

Wear this shirt and make people laugh with that disgruntled face of corona on it.

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Beast Mode

Are you a fitness lover? Do you love lifting weights to gain the most amazing muscles anyone has ever seen? Well, this t-shirt will honour you and your hard work in a funny way. This gym t-shirt or gym singlet will definitely make your gym buddies smile and appreciate the subtle humour.

Tell the world and your gym about your fitness-driven soul by donning this t-shirt slogan.

World’s Greatest Dad. Any Doubt?

Do you want to know what is the perfect item to gift a new dad? A t-shirt with this slogan. The ‘any doubt’ at the end adds a funny touch to it and make everyone go aww. You can gift this t-shirt to your father as well and let him know how much you appreciate him.

So, gift this to anyone who has just become a dad and tell him to start telling dad jokes.

After Whisky I Am Risky

Your funny custom t-shirt design idea just got sorted with this slogan. Anyone who is looking for a funny t-shirt to wear to a night out needs this shirt. It is perfect especially if you are going out to have whisky with the boys. 

Wear this shirt and let them know how risky you get after you down some whisky. You can warn everyone of whatever comes next in a humorous way. What else do you want?

Game Over

Now, this is the funniest slogan you can wear on the most important day of your life. Not only does it symbolise the end of your freedom perfectly but also makes sure to catch everyone’s attention. So, if your wedding is coming or a friend of yours is getting married, order a t-shirt with this slogan and get everyone rolling in laughter. 

Just do not forget to hide it from the missus during the wedding, or we will not be responsible for whatever follows next. 

The Dogfather

There cannot be a funnier take on the film Godfather. It is perfect for someone who is a fan of the film and also loves dogs. You will not find a better slogan that captures two amazing things together and makes them look witty and humorous. 

If you want to take things to the next level and up your game, then get a t-shirt with the same slogan for your dog as well, and then you can watch the film together.

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I’m on the Naughty List and I Regret Nothing 

Did anyone ask for a funny t shirt slogans for Christmas t-shirts? Say no more. This slogan is not just funny, it is extremely clever as well. So let Santa know that you are a free soul who does not care about the consequences when being reckless. 

This slogan on a t-shirt makes not getting any gifts on Christmas worth it.

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Cute but Psycho

Wait a minute! That does not just say psycho. There is something else in small letters if you look closely. This cheeky slogan is designed in the best way possible. At first glance, an onlooker will think that you are making fun of your craziness but on a closer look, it can be told that you love yourself, and you have got the humour.

Self-importance hasn’t been this funnier but this t-shirt makes it so. So, silently tell people that you might look cute, but you can’t be messed with.

Eat Sleep Quarantine Repeat

Quarantine based T shirt phrases have become way too overused. It is important to keep things different and unique, so you can get the attention you deserve. 

This t-shirt slogan clearly says that your life is nothing but a cycle of quarantine, which involves some eating and sleeping alongside. 

It’s Wine O’Clock Somewhere

A good glass of wine is the best way to unwind at the end of a long day. And what better way to do this by drinking wine in a t-shirt with a slogan that says it all. This slogan is what alcoholics all around the globe love to wear on their t-shirt. 

So, wear this slogan when drinking wine and let everyone know that it is wine o’clock for you, and you wish not to be disturbed. 

Kitten Are Angels With Whiskers

We have covered a funny slogan for dogs, but that doesn’t mean we do not like cats. We adore cats. Every one does. So, get this slogan printed on your t-shirt to let people know that you are a cat parent, and you absolutely love your cat. 

There can not be a better way to express your loyalty to your cat than by comparing it to an angel. 

I’m a Dad and a Driver. Nothing Scares Me

Are you are a fearless dad but no one believes you when you yell them so? Well, now you can tell everyone how brave you are with this quirky t-shirt slogan. We all know how brave drivers are because it takes guts to drive a car on a busy road. But it requires even more courage to handle a baby because they are just uncontrollable. 

This slogan perfectly captures the bravery of both a driver and a dad. Tell everyone that there is nothing you are scared of except for the cry of a bay in the middle of the night. LOL!

I Can’t Hold My Liquor 

This one is funny indeed. This t-shirt slogan clearly states that, “I am here for nothing but the party and the liquor”. But it also says that just because I like to drink does not mean I can handle it. 

This t-shirt also lets people know that the wearer of the shirt is not particularly good at holding alcohol so someone else will have to clean the puke off their shirt.

Summing It Up

Now that you have the 15 best funny slogans for your t-shirt, you can make your wardrobe cool. Get your favourite slogan printed on hoodies, sweatshirts, t-shirts, or even tank tops and make everyone stop and stare.

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