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Pop-Culture T-shirts

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T-shirts are the most popular type of apparel used worldwide by all age groups, body types and genders. This information draws my attention to the analogy that the T-shirt wearing reflects pop-culture of apparel usage. I don’t think there will be anyone who does not have a t-shirt of their own in Australia.

This information makes me feel that there is a sense of collectiveness built on such a regular piece of clothing usage, and if you think in that direction, you find interesting social connections. So let’s see if there is a thing called a Pop-culture T-shirt?

So, I would like to dedicate today’s article to the exploration of Pop-culture generally in Australia and how it is somehow reflected through the designs on the printed t shirts.

Pop-Culture T-shirts
Pop Culture art T-Shirt

Pop-Culture Australia 

The very first logical sequence of this query is to learn about the pop culture of Australia. So, I research the available resources online, which is the most precise and simple definition I came across. So, Here, I quote: “Popular culture – magazines, music, radio, television and social media – have helped create a shared Australian identity. It is continually changing and reflects Australian society at the time.”

Pop-Culture Themed Kangaroo Art | Pop-Culture T-shirts
Pop Culture Themed Kangaroo Art

By elaborating on this definition, we can say that all the cultural forms and products with the highest appeal to the public through media can be called a Pop-Culture. The Australian art, music, fashion, literature, dance, films, television, radio, and now the virtual social media space consumed by the public and form the decision to prefer one thing over the other. This defines the Australian Pop-culture.

It is said that the term was coined in the mid-nineteenth century, and the most exciting part is that Pop-culture is ever-evolving.

How To Identify Pop-culture Shirts Of Australia?

Where tradition meets on Pop-Culture t-shirts

The pop-Cultures can be extracted from various roots, and the expression can also be drawn from the symbols of the indigenous culture. For example, in Australia, when the conservation of the environment became a prevalent issue, the people started referring to the preservation of the Aboriginal culture.

They used their imagery on T-shirts to promote the cause. It won’t be incorrect to say that pop culture picks up traditional symbols and relevance to make a present issue/movement more authentic and well-rooted.

Pop-Culture Themed Elements Collection | Pop-Culture T-shirts
Pop Culture Themed Elements Collection

Pop-Culture T-Shirts Abstract Image 

A koala bear image rendered in a very abstract colourful manner is also seen on the popular t-shirts. This image making for the pop-culture t-shirts refers to the ownership of the unique species in the region. Therefore, the t-shirt user is aware of the fact and the importance of its uniqueness.

Koala head Pop Art Pop-Culture T-shirts
Koala head Pop Art

Diversity & All Inclusive T-shirt

I found this image printed on the Pop-culture t-shirt, and I just loved it. It is so essential and speaks about inclusivity for all in a brilliant way. Suppose I like to read the image with my understanding. The white kangaroo is a symbol of peace, and the blue background represents Australia.

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The rainbow behind refers to the diversity and coexisting of genders and colours in the same space. So anyone who wears this Pop-culture t-shirt is celebrating the diversity of various cultures in Australia.

White Kangaroo with Waves Pop Art | Pop-Culture T-shirts
White Kangaroo with Waves Pop Art

Tourism meets T-shirt Pop Culture

The t-shirts have been used to promote business activities and the tourist industry by creating promotional images of the place, activity, specialty and attraction points. The tourist industry also consumes the same t-shirts as merchandise of the visiting place.

The tourists take these t-shirts to their home country as a souvenir. In Australia, the Sydney projecting images are found everywhere on the t-shirts with the graphic of Sydney bridge, opera house, seaside and other destination points.

Australian Beach Art
Australian Beach Art

Music & Art Pop-Culture T-shirts

The media industry and arts also feed on the design of pop-culture t-shirts as it is constantly creating new imagery and icons through their mediums. There are heavy promotional campaigns run to promote films, music bands, and TV shows. The public likes to pick and choose their idols from the media industry as they are projected to consume them and own them in their lives.

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For example, when the Movie The Matrix was a great hit twenty years ago, it became more than a film; we see The Matrix graphics, actors, posters, and even the movies’ lines, written on t-shirts. This is the best example of the T-shirt Pop-culture and how it feeds from several media domains onto the imagery of people’s t-shirts.

Matrix Movie Art illustration
Matrix Movie Art illustration

Final Words

Is there anything that can be called a Pop-Culture T-shirt? We are trying to answer this question in the above article. So we create an analogy of a t-shirt being the most used piece of clothing and can be ranked as the most popular choice. And then, we research what makes a pop culture generally and specifically in the case of Australian Pop-culture. We also observed how the Pop-culture imagery is created for the T-shirts and what it reflects about people’s choices and media experiences at a certain point in time.

Image Source: Shutter Stock

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