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Hipster Lifestyle Fashion – Culture, Fashion, Work & Environment

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Who Is A Hipster?

There are too many theories and hypotheses about Hipsters and how they set themselves apart by moving away from the mainstream society, norms and lifestyle of hipster fashion. So we will try to cover this phenomenon in a neutral space and mainly focus on the act of being a hipster and what are the intentions behind it.

Yellow Hoodie Jacket Character
Yellow Hoodie Jacket Character

Let’s begin with a baseline definition. Hipsters are those people who question mainstream cultural norms. Because of their exploratory nature, they find alternative lifestyles to seek more meaningful discourse than what’s prevailing at any point in time. They are the people who like to redefine needs and choices and usually seem inclusive and easygoing. 

It won’t be wrong if we say that they are non-conformist in their own right.

To understand the hipster lifestyle, let’s decipher their shift from society and develop the alternative options of living a life. Of course, the most important question is why they choose to do that.

Culture & Norm

Cultures are mainly a template for expectations in a social group which provides the guidelines for human behavior, dress code, language created by the society that set norms for the people. As Wikipedia stated, “These include expressive forms like art, music, dance, ritual, religion, and technologies like tool usage, cooking, shelter, and clothing”.

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Monkey Portrait Rainbow
Monkey Portrait Rainbow

The hipsters dare to disagree. They argue that the cultures are formed based on majority population needs, choices and opinions; hence they curtail the space for individual minority expression. That is the reason why hipsters choose an alternative way; essentially, they make sure that their cultural expression should not follow the norm of society. If you know a hipster, you will notice that their choice of music, art, lifestyle, fashion and food would differ from what is offered in mainstream society.

Typographical Design For Marijuana
Typographical Design For Marijuana

Work & Consumption

Hipsters interestingly indulge more in the field of artistic nature, where the prime practices require the focus on an individualistic and unique perspective. That too plays an essential role in rejecting the norms of the regular defined work or job. They develop and re-design unique processes, so their practice’s outcome is also an artistic expression or a new thought. Similarly, they intentionally pull out themselves from the vain of being a consumer by not following fashion, routine life and even their socialization.

Art Is Life Design
Art Is Life Design

Personal Reflection

Hipster’s lifestyle is based on a deeply personal reflection of their life, work and practices. That makes them self aware and feeds their need for spiritual exploration of the true self. Defiance is their natural response to mainstream society. They are usually seeking like-minded people for socializing and are inclusive.

Pug Life Print On T Shirts
Pug Life Print On T Shirts

Food and Environment

The hipsters are nature lovers and believe that the basics are beautiful. They are usually found inclined towards the vegetarian or vegan side of the food users. They conveniently pick up a bicycle ride as their preference rather than going on a vehicle. It pollutes the environment, and if they can’t stop people from using them, at least they practice what they feel is essential. Hipsters are environment-friendly peeps and are conservationists by heart.

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Lion Faced Good Vibe Printed T Shirt
Lion Faced Good Vibe Printed T Shirt

Hipster Fashion

The fashion, which is not in fashion, is a Hipster fashion. Yes, that’s true, and it is a bottom-line principle rule for hipsters. So the trend says skin tight, they take out a baggy, the color of the year is yellow, and they would pick blue, the formal shirts are in, a hipster designs their wild slogan shirt and gets that single piece printed for them and favorite friends.

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hipster fashion
Typographical Quote T shirt Design

At times, it sounds like they are just opposing the flow of a more significant trend for the sake of it. Still, it is essential to have an alternative thought and another opinion than a popular opinion. I also think that being a hipster does not only depend on physical appearance, lifestyle change. It is a state of mind that questions themselves first and then the more significant trends, which is very important for any society to grow and bring an inclusive and mutually beneficial culture.

Image Source: Shutterstock

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