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Discover The Softest T shirt Material!

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The softer a t shirt, the more comfortable you feel when you’ll wear. Whether you’re looking for a softest t shirt material for your business or willing to buy a t shirt for yourself, this topic is for you.

In this post, we’ll share some really important information on the softness of a T shirt, such as

  • What is the softest T shirt material?
  • Which is softer: Cotton, polycotton or rayon?
  • Which is better: Rayon, Polyester, Cotton or Viscose?

Let’s get into the details.

What Is The Softest T shirt Material

Tri blend fabric turns out to be the softest t shirt material. That blends three types of fibre to bring out a texture that feels silky and light against the skin. 

The most common fibre blend when it comes to tri blend fabric is 25% rayon, 25% cotton and 50% polyester.

Tri blend is not only the softest t shirt material but it also comes at affordable rates. This is because tri blend incorporates at least one type of  synthetic fibre that keeps its prices much lower than natural fabric.

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Softest T shirt Material
Softest T shirt Material

T-shirts are made of a wide variety of cotton, but some cost quite higher because of their soft and luxurious feel. 

For instance, high-end t shirts are usually made of Supima and Pima cotton. Fabric-like Sea Island Cotton and Egyptian are also there to offer exclusivity and ultimate softness.

Which Is Softer?

Cotton Or Polycotton

Cotton wins against polycotton in softness. Because cotton is soft, light and breathable. It’s ideal for warm climates. 

Contrary to cotton, polycotton is less breathable and softer than cotton.

Colorful Polycotton fabric


Colorful Polycotton fabric

Polycotton is a mixture of polycotton fibre and cotton that you can avail in a wide range of ratios. That gets rough over time.

Cotton Vs Rayon

Cotton is way softer than rayon. Though rayon holds a silky, shiny surface that feels amazing against your skin, it doesn’t defeat the softness of 100% natural cotton.

Cotton naturally comes with pliable, absorbent, and soft fibre. 

Finer, longer stapes and higher thread count amplify the softness of cotton. This means that expensive and high-quality cotton feels much softer compared to average upland cotton.

On the other hand, rayon is softer than various types of fully synthetic material, like polyester. 

It offers a lightweight texture and a silky, smooth surface that drapes rayon elegantly, exactly like silk. 

Yet, its chemically altered fibre is not even close to the natural softness of fluffy cotton stands.

Rayon Or Polyester

Rayon outscores polyester because rayon is softer, leaving fabric more flexible when stitched densely. 

On the contrary, Polyester feels rougher than rayon and leaves the fabric feeling stiffer once densely stitched.

Raw White Polyester

Raw White Polyester

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Cotton Vs Viscose

Viscose, unlike cotton, is semi-synthetic that is made of organic, natural material. 

It is smoother and lighter in feel, which is why some people prefer viscose to cotton.

Viscose feels smooth, soft and silky. It has an opulence that looks expensive. 

Its drawback is that it tends to pill and loses strength when wet over time, rather than getting softer. Both factors affect the softness of the material.

However, cotton performs much better in matters viscose fails.

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Softest Type Of Cotton For Shirt

The highest quality cotton you can ever buy is Pima cotton. Because it has a long type of fibre that ensures the softness of a t shirt fabric at its best.

Pima cotton
Pima cotton

Plus, it resists fading, pilling and stretching. Last but not the least, it’s durable.

Final Word

Tri blend fibre and cotton are the best material that makes a t shirt the softest one.

If you are looking for the softest t shirt on earth, go with one made of tri blend or pure cotton.

Though other materials also work well, they can’t compete with the softness and comfortable feel of tri blend and pure cotton made t shirts.

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