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Women’s Scrubs 101: Choosing the Right Material and Design

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The demand for medical scrubs has steadily increased in recent decades, especially since the global pandemic outbreak. As a result, nurses scrubs Australia has become more functional and one of the benchmarks for nurses’ daily attire around the globe.

Nurses can wear medical scrubs that are both protective and comfortable. As a result, they are available in a vast array of sizes, specifications, colours, styles, cuts, and brands.

With so many on the market, it is difficult to determine which scrubs product is best for you. This post will discuss the factors to consider when purchasing the most delicate scrubs for nurses in Australia.

Top Brands For Women Scrubs

You practically live in your scrubs as a nurse. Consequently, you must ensure that your nursing scrubs are comfortable, functional, and fashionable.

Below is the list of the best scrubs for women that offer a tailored fit, are comfortable to wear and are soft to the touch.

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Choosing the Perfect Daily Scrubs

Scrubs That Complement Your Shape

Comfort and appearance can be drastically improved by wearing scrubs that fit correctly. The scrubs that complement your physique give you an overall stylish appearance. Unfortunately, the common perception of scrubs is that they are baggy, uncomfortable, unimpressive, and bulky. This is not true! A well-fitting scrub can give you a professional appearance and make you stand out at work if you are a nurse.

Fine Fabrics

The fabric significantly impacts the fit of scrubs, so it should not be neglected. For example, stretchy fabrics can be tighter, so you must consider this when choosing a size. Additionally, some fabrics are notably thin, making you feel uncomfortably cold during the day.

As with high-quality athleisure and activewear, the most desirable styles will be made from performance fabrics. Again, we’re discussing durable, breathable, sweat-wicking materials conducive to movement.

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Smartly Accessorise Your Scrubs

You can add personality to your scrubs by accessorising them intelligently. For example, adding watches, charms, and tags to your scrubs can make your medical uniforms look their best. You can add a decorative name tag or a practical stethoscope to make your solid scrubs stand out. In addition, you can have your name embroidered to add oomph to your personality.

Matching Your Pants and Tops

Many scrubs are sold in pairs. Try to purchase distinct sets in vibrant hues and prints or mix them up. Be inventive with your uniforms; don’t be afraid to switch up your sets. When you wear a new outfit, you may feel more energised, resulting in a productive day at work. But ensure how to mix scrubs properly. For instance, if your top is printed, your bottoms should be solid.

Look After Your Scrubs

When you invest in a quality pair of scrubs, maintain them properly. Scrubs typically undergo wear and tear as a result of routine work. Therefore, wash them at low speed with a gentle detergent to maintain their pristine condition. Similarly, tumble drying can cause damage to the fabric; instead, allow them to dry naturally.

Showcase Your Brand with Custom Scrubs!

Create a Professional Look for Your Organisation with Custom Printed Scrubs.

Medical Scrub Uniforms

Comfiest Scrubs to Choose in 2023

Below are our top picks for the most functional and comfortable scrubs:

W123 Scrubs – WonderWink

The W123 scrubs by WonderWink have been designed to provide exceptional comfort and style to healthcare professionals. These scrubs are made from a high-quality 4-way stretch fabric that dries quickly and effectively wicks away moisture, making them incredibly comfortable and sweat-free for all-day wear.

No matter what your shift entails, W123 scrubs are designed to support your every movement while providing exceptional comfort and functionality with their front and back pockets, pen slots, bottom vents, chest pockets, cellphone holders, badge loops, and more.

Stretch Scrubs – Dickies Xtreme

If Dickies is your brand of choice, we recommend Dickies Xtreme Stretch Scrubs. As a trusted workwear designer for more than a century, we can understand why! Also constructed with four-way stretch fabric, these scrubs offer extreme mobility throughout the shift. In addition, the innovative technology used to create the stretch fabric makes these nursing scrubs relaxed, comfortable, and minimally iron-required for extended wear.

Revolution Scrubs – Cherokee

Cherokee Revolution scrubs are fashionable and designed for the modern medical professional, as they offer a contemporary fit that is not overly baggy. Utilizing Certainly Protective Technology, the fabric inhibits the growth of odour-causing bacteria and other pathogens. Certainty Fabric is also water-repellent, preventing liquids from staining the garment as they roll off. These innovative antimicrobial hospital scrubs keep you safe and presentable throughout your shift.

Custom Scrubs – T Shirt Plus

Are you looking for the best custom scrubs for women in the world? T Shirt Plus provides top-quality and customised scrubs to your liking! You can purchase scrubs for yourself or your business in Australia. In addition, group discounts are available to companies and groups of coworkers seeking cost-effective and attractive scrubs.

What makes these scrub tops and scrub pants so extraordinary? Our exclusive fabric technology has moisture-wicking, anti-wrinkle, odour-resistant, four-way stretch, and ridiculously soft properties. Layer them with our best-selling women’s under scrubs for ultra-light insulation, or purchase them in our women’s kits for the utmost convenience.

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