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How To Measure Pants (For Men & Women)

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People from all walks of life should wear pants that perfectly fit their bodies to look decent. Because you’ll look odd and people around you will look down on you if the pants you wear are loose and don’t fit your body. For this reason, we’re about to show how men and women should measure their pants.

Measure Pants
Measure Pants

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Let’s get started.

How to Measure Men’s Pants

First, you need to lay down the pants on a flat, hard surface and then remove wrinkles. Later on, follow the steps below:

Pants Front Rise

Spread the pants buttoned up on a table or floor.

After removing the wrinkles, start measuring this area of front rise from the spot of the crotch seam to the spot of the waistband.


First, button up the pants to measure their waist. Then, spread the pants flat on the surface, and remove any wrinkles and fullness from them.

Measure The Hips
Measure The Hips

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Measure the thighs of the pants by starting at the crotch seam and ending 1-2 inches below the hip area.


Measure across the hip area 1 ½ inch below the zipper.


Spread the men’s pants on a floor, table or any other flat surface with the pants buttoned up and outseams on both corners.

Once you remove any fullness and wrinkles, measure the length from the waistband top.


After buttoning up the pants, they should be spread across a flat surface.

Measure the inseam gap from the spot of the crotch where the front and back seams meet, depending on your desired length.

Leg Opening

Following the same pattern as above, spread the pants on a flat surface, and start measuring.

Measure from one side of the leg opening to its other side.

How to Measure Women’s Pants

Measuring women’s pants is more or less the same as that of men’s pants, except in some aspects.

Start with laying your pants down across a flat surface and then get the wrinkles out of the pants. Afterwards, act on the steps below:

Pants Front Rise

First, you need to find out the intersection of the inseam at the crotch to measure the front rise on women’s pants.

To determine the measurement of the front rise, measure it from that inseam intersection up the front, to the waistband top.


Start measuring across at the waistband top by laying the pants flat.

Pull the pants taut, but make sure you don’t overstretch them. To figure out the waist circumference, double this measurement.

If your pants have a significant stretch or an elastic waistband in their material, measure the pants against the material stretched and double it to come with its max waist measurement.

A comfortable fit should be somewhere between the two measurements.


Even if the pant/material style is not meant to be stretchy, measure the hips in a range.

The reason people interpret the hip level differently, and the exact hip level is not clearly defined on most garments.

So, measure both high and low hip levels.

Measure The Hips
Measure The Hips

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Start with taking the measurements of the low hip levels by measuring across the front side of the pants right below the base of the zipper.

Next, double the measurements to find out the actual low hip circumference. The same is the process of measuring the high hip level.

The only difference is you need to measure it just two inches above the low hip level.

That’s about it.


First, find out the intersection of the inseam at the crotch and then take measurements from this point down the leg, to the bottom of the hem or cuff on the pants.

Leg opening

Just lay the paints flat and take measurements across the bottom hem.

Finally, double the measurements to determine the full circumference of the cuff.

General Tips For Measuring Pants

Make sure you take all the measurements of pants by laying them on a flat surface, such as a table or a clean floor.

Your measuring tape should be flexible 36” long. To avoid inaccurate measurements, don’t use a 12” standard ruler. Measure more than once until you get the same measurement subsequently.

Tips For Measuring Pants
Tips For Measuring Pants

As measuring pants while laying them flat generally doubles the measurements, record the measurement to the nearest ¼ inch.

For instance, the 12.5” waist of the pants while laying flat will be considered as a 25” waist.

Final Word

Make sure you follow all the techniques mentioned above to figure out the exact measurements of pants that fit your body. 

Let’s face it:

We all want to look good in front of people around us.

Image Source: Shutterstock

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