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Top 10 T Shirt Design Trends For Print-On-Demand

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The custom t shirt printing industry has managed to amass most customers. According to research, the custom t shirt printing market will grow by USD 1.50 billion from 2020 to 2025 [1]. However, its success depends on several factors, including producing quality apparel at affordable prices coupled with creative designs and accuracy. The design appeal is probably the primary pillar of print-on-demand t shirts. Therefore, as designs constantly progress, we have composed a list of the top 10 savviest and vibrantly hued t shirt design trends for print-on-demand.

Doodle Artwork

Doodle artwork exudes a bubbly appearance! However, this appearance can also add a zesty element to your t shirts, and your vivid imagination can spurt this design trend. Whether there are different lines, shapes, and varied colours, let your imagination do the magic!

Doodle Artwork T Shirts
Doodle Artwork T Shirt Trends

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Vintage Design

Not only do the vintage designs look trendy, but they also flaunt flamboyant colours, shapes, and designs. Vintage t shirt trend embodies the spirit of the 80s and 90s and will normally carry softer shades and tones with dazzling designs. Though not for everyone, the vintage trend holds a niche customer base. 


By employing simple designs and neutral colours, the minimalist t shirt trend will leave a simple yet classy mark on your t shirts. It normally uses simple lines, and typography will imbue your t shirts with a unique elegance.

Minimalism T Shirt
Minimalism T Shirt


Typography refers to the style or appearance of the text, and it remains an immensely popular design trend among people. Words can have a deeply meaningful impact on others. Whether you use a quote or a bold statement, handwritten text, or arched and flipped text, you can depict your ideology or beliefs by imprinting a saying or a bold statement if you have devoted yourself to a cause, whether social, political or any other – exhibiting it on your t shirt will leave a lasting mark on the beholders.

Typography t shirts
Typography t shirt trends

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Psychedelic T Shirt Trends

The psychedelic t shirt trend traces its origins to the 1960s. Its art and designs are marked by unique elements, including groovy themes, dynamic typography, spiral kaleidoscope motives, and vivid colours. It may not be as popular as its counterparts, but it is worthy of being given a try!

Psychedelic T Shirt Trends
Psychedelic T Shirt Trends

Black and White

Monochrome colour palettes can never go out of fashion. The black and white t-shirt trends are some of the most desired colours. Their refined fusion and contrast on t shirts have made them pretty appealing to people, and they remain as popular as ever!

B/W T shirt Design

Superheroes And Cartoon Characters

Whether you are a fan of Mickey Mouse, Marvel, or Batman enthrals you. There is always a heightened demand for this genre of design, and it is stimulated particularly after the release of a superhero movie.

Superheroes Characters t shirt trends
Superheroes Characters t shirt trends

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Manga and Japanese Art T Shirt Trends

Manga and Japanese t shirt design trends are popular for those fascinated by Japanese manga (comics) and culture. Manga art features characters with huge eyes and surreal hair colour, and it has a niche following. On the other hand, the Japanese trend depicts the art of classical Japan, chiefly showcasing Japanese symbols such as Mt. Fuji, Samurais and the sun.

Manga and Japanese Art T Shirt Trends
Manga and Japanese Art T Shirt Trends

Sci-Fi T Shirt Trends

The Sci-Fi t shirt trend is for science and technology buffs and is one of the most futuristic trends. It includes illustrations, designs, and graphic shapes from space travel, dystopias, utopias and encounters with extraterrestrials. Its appeal is pretty widespread.

Sci-Fi T Shirt Trends
Sci-Fi T Shirt Trends

Animal And Nature Portraits

Are you a nature-lover? Do you love animals? Then you will certainly love this t-shirt  trend. Animal and nature illustrations are also being excessively used for print-on-demand t-shirts. Some of these designs are also characterised by cuteness, grace and enriching colours. This trend has countless admirers, including animal lovers and rescuers, environmental organisations and NGOs, and even celebrities!

Pets t shirt trends
Pets t shirt trends


As custom-printing technology advances rapidly, we will constantly have new elements, features, and designs implemented on t shirts. Our recommended t shirt trends encompass some of the highly popular design trends available in the market.

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Olivia is a seasoned blogger and printing enthusiast with a flair for fashion. With over three years of experience in fashion, she brings a unique blend of creative insights and industry knowledge to her readers. Passionate about the art of printing and the latest fashion trends. Her engaging writing style and expert guidance make her a go-to source for anyone looking to explore the dynamic world of fashion printing.

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