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5 Top Creative T-Shirt Organising Ideas for a Clutter-Free Closet!

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If you have more clothes than closet space, you must implement these wardrobe organising techniques mentioned in the article.

Keeping wardrobes organised can be challenging, as they often end up cluttered with clothes, shoes, and accessories. Adding new items without removing anything from the wardrobe becomes even more problematic. As a result, it can be challenging to locate specific items quickly, even if the closet is well-organised. This can lead to a frustrating and tense daily situation.  

Fortunately, there are simple ways to organise your closet without purchasing a larger one. According to the experts, all you need for a clean and stylish wardrobe is strategic planning and intelligent storage.

Tips and tricks to Organise your Closet!

Categorize by Seasons

Seasonally separate all of your clothing into distinct piles. This comprises jackets, sweaters, dresses, shorts, and skirts. All of your clothing must be organised so that it is easier to navigate.

This may seem like straightforward organising advice, but once you get into the swing of sorting your clothes, it might take much work to sort some items like cardigans or jeans. Remember when you typically wear each item when sorting your clothing into winter, spring, summer, and fall.

Usually, we arrange jeans in the autumn pile, shorts in the summer pile, skirts in the spring pile, etc. The objective is to organise the clothing such that each item is immediately categorised and the closet is empty.

Divide your closet space

To prevent clothing from piling up in one area, dividing the space is a great way to organise a wardrobe. This will ensure that specific items are kept in a single location, making them easier to find and store.

Furthermore, maintaining a compact wardrobe saves storage space and creates a less cluttered appearance.

Don’t hang knitwear

It may be tempting to hang up everything, but you should avoid doing so with bulky knitwear. Not only will this consume valuable space, but it can also damage delicate materials if they become entangled with other hangers.

If your closet is already crowded, it can prevent your knitted items from losing shape. According to the experts, Sweaters and cardigans take up much space when hung in your closet, which can also cause them to lose shape. Installing a few shelves in your closet allows you to neatly store knitwear and fold it flat to retain its shape.

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Create a labelling system

Labels can facilitate the identification of goods that may be difficult to locate. It can also differentiate products such as pants, t-shirts, and coats. This will make putting away clothing and finding objects in the closet easier.

Storing comparable items, such as coats and button-down shirts, together facilitates clothes storage and prevents overstuffing. This prevents additional clothing from slipping off hooks and becoming wrinkled.

If you own more work clothes than casual clothes or vice versa, dividing your workwear from your casual attire may be advantageous. This is optimal for some since it differentiates clothing styles like jeans and trousers.

Organise your closet according to how often you wear each item. If you wear certain items more frequently than others, place them in the front and centre. Prioritise the clothing items you wear weekly or monthly over those you never wear.

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Attach Accessories to Wall Hooks

It is simple to overlook accessories such as hats, scarves, and jewellery when keeping your possessions and organising your wardrobe. And if you’ve gathered a variety of accessories over the years, you already know how fast things can become cluttered.

Instead of storing these items away, why not include them in the room’s decor to create an aesthetic vibe?

You can also easily display and organise your jewellery with Command hooks, wall organisers, or even tiny nails. A basic clothing hanger will suffice for tricky goods such as stockings and scarves. You can also use closet rods which are ideal for organising t-shirts, slacks, and dresses in a tidy manner.


The best way to organise a closet is to arrange its contents according to your lifestyle and ensure the available space can accommodate everything. If your wardrobe cannot accommodate your belongings, consider alternative storage options for items such as scarves, leggings, and belts. Most of the time, the small things are hard to manage and make your closet look chaotic.

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