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How To Fold A T-Shirt?

Step by step process of folding a t-shirt

Folding your clothes is one of the most effective ways to use space in your closet, but it can be frustrating if you don’t know how to do it efficiently. There are many ways you can fold a t-shirt so that they take up less space in your drawer or wardrobe.

Methods Of Folding A T-Shirt

There are three basic types of folds:

  1. The Folding Method
  2. The Rolling Method
  3. The Folder Method

Each has its advantages, depending on what type of shirt you’re folding and how much time you want to spend doing it.

The Folding Method

The Folding Method is the easiest way for beginners because all you need is one hand and nothing else!

  • Start by laying the t-shirt out flat on the surface in front of you.
  • Fold the sleeves in towards the centre of the t-shirt.
  • Now, fold the t-shirt in half so that the bottom meets the top.
  • Next, fold the t-shirt in half again to form a long, thin rectangle.
  • Finally, fold the rectangle in half one last time and place it in your dresser drawer or closet.
The Folding Method
The Folding Method

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The Rolling Method

The Rolling Method is a popular way to fold clothes so that they take up less space in your closet. This method involves folding the t-shirts like a burrito to be tightly packed together. To fold a shirt using the Rolling Method:

  • Lay the shirt flat on a surface
  • Fold the sleeves towards the middle of the shirt & make another fold from both sides to make a rectangle shape.
  • Now, roll the top of the shirt down towards the bottom tightly.
The Rolling Method
The Rolling Method

The Folder Method For T Shirts

  • Place your t-shirt on cardboard folder (rear side upwards)
  • Now, Fold the sleeves by using any side of the folder towards the centre of the t-shirt.
  • Then, Fold the other side of the shirt to meet the first side.
  • Now, Fold in half one final time from the bottom of the t-shirt to create a small square.

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Whether you’re a seasoned clothes folder or looking for a new way to fold your t-shirts, this article is here to help. You’ll find out how easy to fold a t shirt can be by using these folding methods with the proper instructions and illustrations. And remember: if all else fails, there’s always that trusty old “shove it in the drawer” method! Either way, make your life easier by getting organized today!

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