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12 Premium Polo Shirt Brands For Your Casual Style Look

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Though Rene Lacoste is credited with inventing the sublime polo shirts, nevertheless, these shirts are no longer solely characterised by Lacoste’s signature crocodile logo or Ralph Lauren’s horse logo. Neither are polo shirts worn explicitly by polo players or golfers. They have evolved and encapsulated all the subtleties of swanky fashion wear, as indicated by the availability of numerous polo shirt brands in the market. 

They overlap the boundaries of both casual and formal wear and offer incredible style and comfort. Either pair them with a blazer or jacket; if not, wear them with denim or even shorts – polo shirts offer great versatility too.

We have compiled a list of the most premium polo shirt brands available. Be sure to check them out.

Ralph Lauren

The proudly American Ralph Lauren remains the most preeminent brand in the category of polo shirts. Their classic logo of a polo player atop a horse – embroidered on their polo shirts – symbolises sophistication and majesty. Ralph Lauren shirts are essential for your wardrobe if you adore polo shirts.

Golf Players Wearing Polo Shirts
Golf Players Wearing Polo Shirts

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How can we forget the original and cherished French polo brand – Lacoste. Its signature crocodile logo is known to have played a vital role in creating polo shirts. Their great snazzy polo shirts are available in stunning colours, and they are a priceless addition to your wardrobe. We highly recommend Lacoste!

JB’s Wear

JB’s Wear is a leading Australian brand, producing high-quality apparel. Their polo shirts collection typifies the spirit of superb quality. Their vast collection of polos is available in countless colours and designs, making them an ideal choice for casual and semi-formal use.

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Polo Shirt brands

US Polo Assn.

Being part of the United States Polo Association (USPA), US Polo Assn is proud of its illustrious distinction. Their polo shirts offer a comprehensive variety of creative designs and colours. And notably, it is substantively affordable than its more pricey counterparts.

John Smedley

John Smedley has been an esteemed brand for the fashion elites. Their polos were given the seal of approval by none other than the first James Bond, Mr. Sean Connery. They are specially crafted by designers in quaint Derbyshire – tastefully blending the classic with contemporary styles and offering unsurpassable comfort in rich colours. Their classic three-button polo shirt is a favourite of the ‘Sherlock’ and ‘The Hobbit star, Martin Freeman. If you desire a premium classic polo, then look no further. James Smedley’s tagline is ‘The World’s Finest Knitwear,’ and we believe the brand genuinely lives up to its tagline.

Luca Faloni

We have covered brands from the United States, United Kingdom, and France – now let’s move to Italy. The Italians are known for their impeccably high tastes pertaining to fashion, food, and automobiles. We have chosen Luca Faloni as the brand that deserves to be on our list. Their polo shirts are crafted from the finest pique cotton, and there are other premium options for the fabric, such as linen-jersey and silk cotton. However, be warned! A Luca Faloni Polo will come with an exorbitant price.

Bruno Cucinelli

Bruno Cucinelli is another upscale luxury Italian brand specialising in crafting stylish suiting and casual wear. Their polo shirts are unsurpassable in quality, boasting a precise fabrication and creation process. All in all, Bruno Cucinelli is emblematic of Italian flair and grace.

Couple in Casual Style Polo Shirts
Couple in Casual Style Polo Shirts

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James Perse

James Perse originated in Los Angeles in 1994. Their high-quality apparel combines grace and comfort with simplicity. And their polos wonderfully showcase minimalistic lines and silhouettes and offer the highest blend of casual and luxury styles.


Rhone is an upscale American sportswear brand that mainly focuses on products made from high-quality materials. Their performance-driven apparel focuses on offering comfort, fit, and versatility. Their polo shirts are no exception, as they are crafted with luxury materials, and great attention is given to every detail. They are available in charming neutral colours and varied sizes.


Uniqlo is a leading Japanese brand that produces high-quality apparel. However, what sets them apart from other upscale retailers is their ability to offer exceedingly premium polo shirts at incredibly affordable prices. You can anticipate the immensely comfortable pique cotton, suave merino wool, sweat-wicking Dry-Ex, and their signature odour-neutralising and quick-drying Airism fabric. 

Mizzen and Main

Mizzen and Main is an upmarket American brand that fuses comfort with sophistication. Their products embody a legacy of classic style mixed with innovations that bestow extraordinary wicking, stretch and wrinkle resistance properties to their polo shirts. Not just that, their polos are available in kaleidoscopic colours and patterns that are perfect for everyday wear.


Reiss is one of the proud polo shirt brands of its British origins and embraces superior craftsmanship in making top-notch polo shirts. Their polo shirts are quintessentially swanky and offer supreme comfort, with designs reminiscent of modern and classic shirt styles. On top of that, Reiss offers a vast collection of polos made from stunning materials.

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