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Custom T-Shirt Designs for Birthdays in Australia

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In Australia, birthday celebrations are marked as one of the important days in people’s life. Aussies like to maximize the fun and joy of life and keep finding excuses for celebrations from one way to the other. So birthdays are the valid point on days to plan and design the event and make a day special for the birthday person and family friends. There is a very interesting traditional tale related to the 18th and 21st birthday celebrations in Australia. This article will look at the importance and reasons for these birthday years and the symbolic rituals attached to this idea. We also recommend some design ideas to make a custom birthday t shirt on your friend’s birthday and make it the most memorable gift that they will wear.

Birthday Celebration
Birthday Celebration

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Fairy Bread With Hundred & Thousand Sprinkles

The tradition is to make the fairy cake with the hundred and thousands of sprinkles on it. The ritual is to put a lot of butter on the bread and then sprinkle many sweet, colourful, round-shaped sprinkles. The colours preferably are rainbow palettes, and probably hundreds and thousands feel like the years ahead for a good life, opportunity and prosperity in the life of a birthday girl or a boy.

Chocolate & Colorful Sprinkle
Chocolate & Colorful Sprinkle

Why 18th Birthday Is Special In Australia

In Australia the birthday celebrations are big, and as a child, it is the most exciting family, and friends get together designated on your name. However, after childhood fun, the most awaited birthday is the 18th because it is a landmark year to become an adult. By the laws, you hit a milestone of independence and making your decisions yourself. 

On the 18th birthday, you are legally allowed to have adult beverages and plan a late-night party without restriction or parental guidance. It is a revolutionary bid year of your newly earned independent life. The ritual is to organize an elaborated barbeque food followed by a cake cutting ceremony. 

Following are the perks attached to just turning 18, and they are awesome. Now you understand the reason for the excitement to get there. Now you can;

  1. vote
  2. sue and be sued
  3. marry
  4. make a will
  5. buy cigarettes
  6. sign contracts
  7. take a loan in the banks or open a bank account in their name
  8. legally drink alcohol
  9. leave home

You can expect or demand fancy or big gifts. So it is a happy adulthood birthday. 

18th Birthday, Custom T Shirts Design Ideas

So, I hope you understand why the 18th birthday is so important. Keeping it in mind, if your close friend is turning 18, you must think of a special gift and a unique one. We can tell you that a custom design birthday t-shirt would be a great idea because you can choose a slogan, graphic or a line printed on the custom t-shirt which defines your friendship with the birthday girl or a boy. And the effort of selecting the right colour and design only for that friend makes the gift worthwhile to give and receive for both.

In the following, we are giving a few fun slogans and graphic ideas for custom printing t-shirts for the birthday.

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Go simple and straight by wishing a “sweet 18” design on the favourite coloured shirt of your friend’s choice.

Sweet 18
Sweet 18

Suppose the birthday person is a friend who is a type of drama queen in your friend’s group. Go Sarcastic and cute by selecting an image given below; No Drama LLama.

No Drama Llama
No Drama Llama

The girls love to get a sweet complimenting graphic custom t-shirt as a birthday gift that their friends brought for their 18th birthday celebration.

Girls 18th Birthday Quote
Girls 18th Birthday Quote

There is always one friend in a group who loves to get drunk for the sake of it. The shirt below is for that dude or girl. 

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I'm never drinking again.. Oh look Wine !
I’m never drinking again.. Oh look Wine !

Why 21st Birthday Is Special In Australia

The traditional tale dates back to medieval times in Australia, where 21 years of age was marked for a boy groomed into a knighthood. But nowadays, naturally, the idea evolved beyond the gender boundaries, and girls and boys both celebrate their 21st birthday with equal excitement and independence. The most interesting tradition in practice is “handing over the keys” to your daughter or son. It symbolizes the sharing of assets, and there is a sense of collective ownership which is a very beautiful gesture. Good food, drinks and parties are a staple element of the birthday party night.

Get this printed on the birthday of your elder or smaller brother hitting 21. Remember, you can custom design by changing the colour combinations of the graphics or the fabric colour of the shirt. Choose the colour which is your brother’s favourite.

Cool Brother
Cool Brother

This is the best birthday gift for the beer crazy friend. Just imagine if you get a custom design t-shirt on your birthday as a gift, how pleasant would you feel. Whenever you wear it, the memory of the friendship refreshes, it is that cool.

Funny Beer T-Shirt Design
Funny Beer T-Shirt Design

This is the perfect shirt for the sweetest friend who is the most cautious one in the group. Yes, it is a friend’s job to keep the friends motivated and inspired.

Rules are Made To Be Broken
Rules are Made To Be Broken

Last Words

The traditional Australian birthday identifies the 18th and 21st Birthdays as the most important and much-awaited celebrations. The article is narrating the story and the reasons behind it. We recommend that the best gift idea for an upcoming friend’s birthday should be a custom designed and printed t-shirt with a slogan, graphic or a tagline that shows the connection of your friendship with the birthday person. That will Make it memorable and a gift that stays longer in use for a friend. 

Image Source: Shutterstock

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